Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall is here! (graphing freebie)

Well hello, little blog, long time no see!  I'm not going to make excuses-real life is SOOO busy between the teaching and the grad school-ing and the mommying-I barely have time to breathe at the moment, much less sit down to type out a blog entry.  The last month has been nuts...but I think we're getting into a groove, slowly but surely.

And it's FALL!  Don't you love fall?  It's probably my favorite season now.  So much good stuff happens in the fall-The Fair...the pumpkin (GOOO, Dawgs!)...beautiful weather (buh-bye, 90 degree temps)...hoodies and sweaters...and towards the end, Thanksgiving and Little Miss' birthday!  (Which fall on the same day this year.  I'm totally going to take the easy way out and just stick some birthday cake on the dessert table at Thanksgiving-no separate parties here.)  Oh-and a BEAUTIFUL little thing called Fall Break.  We get ours next week and I am so excited.  This is the first year our district has given us an actual Fall Break (versus a three-day weekend for the kids and a teacher work day for the grown-ups).  We are going to the beach for a few days.  I can't wait to see how Little Miss reacts to the ocean and the sand!  We haven't been since last summer and she was so little then she basically slept under the beach umbrella the whole time...I have a feeling that this trip will be a little more action-packed.

I do have a fall freebie for you guys.  Now, the idea is NOT mine, mkay?  I actually saw this over at Mrs. Plant's Kindergarten...go see how she graphed candy corn with her kids last year!  (And while you're there ooh and ahh over the Spookly pumpkins-Spookly is one of my FAVORITES!  I will be using him after Fall Break when we go into our shapes unit!)  I was all set to use her adorable little graphing sheet, but then we ran into a little grocery store doesn't have green apple candy corn this year.  Man!  So I grabbed several bags of the generic autumn harvest mix and whipped up my own little graphing sheet.  It's a tad bit more first-grade oriented...I ask them to "Analyze their data" by writing some sentences for me.  They are getting so good at it!  This will be one of my math stations this week at the teachers' tables.  (And to differentiate, don't worry, I will give some of my little kiddos who need extra support sentence frames to help them with the analyze part.)  Click the pic to download!

And I'll wrap up with a little funny from first grade!  We did our big Johnny Appleseed stuff last week...all of the classic stuff: taste testing apples, graphing our results, reading books about Johnny, filling out a character web, and then some All About writing...(I am obsessed with writing across the curriculum right now, it is a Hot Topic in my grad classes).  Well, one of my little friends and I were conferencing over his All About Johnny Appleseed piece and he was doing an AMAZING job.  I was helping him stretch out some words and one of his friends from the table next to him was eavesdropping on our conference...and she started to tell my conferencing kiddo what the letters were.  He told her, "Hush!  My brain can tell me, I don't need you!"

I mean, what can you say to that?

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