Monday, September 2, 2013

September Currently

It's the beginning of the month, which means it's time for September's Currently!  This little linky is put on by the fabulous Farley at Oh'Boy 4th Grade...don't you love it?!

 Listening: Sesame Street...We LOVE Sesame Street in our's taught Little Miss all of her letters and numbers, too.  She is OBSESSED with counting right now and her newest thing when she has a book is to point to the first letter on each page and name it.  Not gonna lie...that makes this reading teacher's heart PROUD! (She just turned 21 months last week.)

Thinking: When hubby bought me a Keurig for Mother's Day at first I wasn't sure I liked it.  He gave me a big sampler box to go with it and the first five or six K-Cups I tried were either too dark or too flavored.  When I discovered the Caribou K-Cups, though, it was like the clouds parted and the coffee angels sang...I get America's love affair with the Keurig now!  We ran out of the cups a few weeks ago and I've been drinking the cappuccino K-cups (also yummy, but not quite as powerful)...last week I found a good deal on Amazon and ordered some more.  Delish!

Wanting: I need want some new sneakers.  I went shopping yesterday and saw SEVERAL pairs that I loved, but I was already spending a small fortune on new school clothes for me so I didn't get any.  Hubby promised me a trip to Run Fit Sports so we both can get new kicks.  (He amazes me because he actually RUNS.  Sometimes on his lunch break.  And nobody's even chasing him.)  Can't wait!  I want some that are comfy but let's face it, the most important thing to me is that they are CUTE.

Needing...this is self-explanatory.  My group this year is something else.

Goals for ME:
1.) I need to get back on the work-out bandwagon BADLY.  I did okay this summer and even worked out for the first week of pre-planning but since school actually started I have been so mentally and physically exhausted at the end of the day that all I want to do is play with Little Miss, watch Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy, and call it a day.  That's going to change this week...I have an online workout buddy who's going to keep me accountable!
2.) My grad school program is a blended model, which means that 85% of our assignments are done outside of class and submitted online.  I like it because I only have to spend the amount of time that I NEED to working on schoolwork.  It's hard because I have to keep myself on track and it's easy for things to pile up until the last minute...trying not to let that happen this semester!
3.) We have an extended school day which means we can't leave until 4:15.  I am bad about staying an extra 15 or 20 (or 30) minutes after the last kid leaves to talk and/or do "one more thing."  I am trying very hard to NOT do that this year.  I get to work early (which doesn't take away from family time since hubby takes Little Miss to Nana's and she sleeps almost until it's time to go) so I should leave on time, especially since I only have a few hours with Little Miss before her bedtime!

Well, there ya have it...September's Currently.  I LOVE it when the calendar changes from August to September.  We've been in school for a month and although I have always (even as a kid) gone back to school in August it doesn't feel like we should be in school yet...but September is officially school time!

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  1. I love Caribou K cups! And I also need some shoes : ) Our school day is pretty long, too. I find myself staying after instead of heading home. Going to mentally add that to my "happy heart" list.

    Hokie Teach