Sunday, December 7, 2014

while you were out...

I will be the first one to admit that I HATE being out. HATE it. Every teacher knows that it's double work to be out since you have to write sub plans and then play catch-up when you get back. It's the worst!

This past week I was gone for three whole days to a literacy research conference. It was a great experience and I learned a lot...but tomorrow it is BACK to reality. A little birdie (AKA my principal) gave me a heads-up that my sweet little angels were a hyper and rowdy bunch last week and there may have even been a trip to the principal's office involved for a couple of them. (This is a first for this group.) Tomorrow I will be very busy getting them back in line so we can have a productive last couple of weeks before the break. I thought I'd pop in to share a quick freebie about something I do when I return back after being out...I present to you my "Tattle to the Teacher" form! (I don't really call it that in front of the kids, but it's catchy, you gotta admit.)
Here's what it looks like:

And it's super easy to do. On the day I get back, I leave this on their desks for Morning Work. I tell them that if there's anything they think I should know about anything that happened while I was out, they can draw and write about it on their paper. I don't let them tell me anything verbally. The papers I get back are usually a HOOT. (I will say...although it's a little mortifying when they cut up like crazy, I can't take it too seriously...I mean, no one else can be ME and run my classroom quite like I can, you know?) I am very interested to see what all my sweeties have to tell me about last week's shenanigans!

If you want your copy, just click the pic! 

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