Sunday, January 18, 2015

what we did this week...learning about Dr. King!

We had a lot of fun this week learning about Dr. King. I was impressed with how deep my students took our conversation...take a look at some of their writing!

Isn't this awesome? 

Can you tell that we had an ellipsis in our Focus Poem for the week? Funny how that starts to show up in their writing! 

We made these little display folders for their work. My co-worker and I are planning a "We <3 Writing!" celebration for February and I'm going to save their Dr. King pieces for that celebration.

We also made timelines of important events in Dr. King's life.

These turned out awesome and we will be hanging them in the hall! (PS: If you like any of these projects and want them...they are part of my "I Have A Dream" unit on TpT.)

Next week after the break we will be doing a couple of weeks of penguins. We will read lots of books about penguins and the kids will make their own books to put in the writing exhibit next month. We also will celebrate the 100th Day on Thursday. This is such a fun time of year for first grade!

Speaking of Teachers Pay Teachers...if you purchased my "Booklets for Black History Month" set last year ya need to go re-download. It has been given a make-over and now has TEN famous African Americans included. There's a booklet for each hero (in black and white AND color, so you can project a teacher's copy), webs and graphic organizers, and writing paper. I spent a bit of time over break getting it ready for next month. You can grab it here if you want it!

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