Saturday, August 1, 2015

a little peek at my room (2015)

Hey, blog world!

This week has been NUTS. Absolutely nuts...quite possibly the craziest pre-planning week I have ever had. We had to do the usual back-to-work meetings in a building that wasn't yet complete (construction & cleaning were still taking place). My room was 'finished' Thursday morning and guess what? We had Open House Thursday afternoon! CRAZINESS. For the last 9 years, I have always been done with my room at the beginning of pre-planning...this year I went up to school on a Saturday to get it all finished up.

Here are some pictures from my classroom! A lot of it is the same as last year, but you'll see some changes. 

Here is a picture taken from the door! You'll see I went back to tables this year...although I may have to add another one, since my class roster has 27 names on it. (GULP. It was soooo nice last year having only 22...that's probably not happening this year!) Do you see the tall shelf over by my kidney table? It's amazing...I bought it from a teacher who was leaving our school. There's storage on the back side, too. I love it! (And the blur to the right is Little Miss...I was so desperate today to get some work done I took her to school with me. She was actually a pretty good little helper, aside from wanting to color the first day of school coloring sheets that I put out yesterday!)

Calendar. I will do another post about calendar later...I am doing some things differently with it this year! The white bulletin board to the right is going to display my learning targets, but I haven't made those posters yet. (I'm telling you, it's been a race to the finish!)

This is quite possibly my favorite place in the whole classroom. I LOVE my classroom library. It, too, is a work in progress (there are some bins that need labels because I added more) but it is overflowing with books and it just makes my heart happy! Aren't those chairs cute? I got them at Kroger for $8 each. (PS: The neon dish tubs are the ones I got from Dollar Tree. They are alllll over my classroom because I bought as many as I could find. So cute and so sturdy, too!)

The front of the room. I made new posters this year. All of my polka dotted classroom stuff is in my TpT store here . My board is super empty because supposedly we're getting SmartBoards soon! Whoo!

School starts Monday. Ready or not, here they come! I feel much more ready TODAY than I did even YESTERDAY, and since my furniture was still in a pile on Thursday I think I've done well. I am so tired, though! Here's hoping the rest of the weekend crawls by! :)

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