Saturday, August 3, 2013

August Currently

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My B2S Must-Haves:
1.) Lots of glue sticks.  I usually buy 100 at the beginning of the year.  This year the school gave us some, so I only purchased 50...but I am already feeling some anxiety that it won't be enough!  Some of my kids will bring them in, but not all...and we use a LOT of glue sticks in first grade.  (I infinitely prefer glue sticks to liquid glue...liquid glue requires a lot of teaching and supervision.)

2.) Pete!  Last year was my first year doing anything with Pete...but I am in loovvee with him now!  My favorite is Rockin' My School Shoes.  Last year after we read it we did the ah-dor-able Steppin' Into My New Shoes activity from the Bubbly Blonde...SOOOO cute.

3.)  I JUST bought this B2S Bash pack from Ms. Stewart.  There's a lot of adorable things in it, but what made me add it to my must-have list is the activity on what kind of "smart" are you...I already had in mind to do a little community building lesson about how we are all gifted in some way/it's my job to help you figure that out this year/there are different types of "gifts" and this just meshed perfectly.  LOVE it!

So the rest of my day is going to be spent putting together their take-home B2S packets (we got all of that paperwork yesterday around 3 PM and there's NO WAY I could handle putting the packets together Monday morning!!) and assembling some of the little emergent readers we're going to do this week  I am blessed this year to have not one but TWO student teachers and this is something they could do, but it makes me feel SOOO much better to have a good chunk of my stuff copied/prepped so it's ready.

I might not post if I don't, see you on the other side of the first day of school...I am so excited about this year.  Pre-planning went smoother than it's ever gone and we are feeling good as a school.  The ONLY little kink is that first grade LOOKS like it will be overflowing.  We are all sitting right at or above the class size cap.  I am really hoping that they all show up and then some because then we should be able to add a teacher...but we'll see.  We may each end up with 28 and if more enroll later on in the year then we'll be sorry-outta-luck!  


  1. Hi Melinda,
    Thank you for showing me some blog love and becoming a follower...I am getting that Stephanie's Back to School bash too...I need to stock up on my glue sticks too...
    Have a wonderful school year. I have one week left of freedom!!
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

  2. I always need TONS, and TONS, and TONS of glue sticks! Last year, I joked I had a glue stick goblin living in my classroom! I went through glue sticks like water! We require students to bring them to school but they get lost and dry up and then mine start disappearing. It was great the year I found square sticks. They didn't roll and no one else had them!

    Mmmmm.... vanilla coke. Now you have me wanting one! I love Big Boy's vanilla coke. There is nothing like it! Yum!

    Good luck with back to school!
    My Shoe String Life
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  3. Good luck on Monday, I hope all your student numbers work out to your advantage!
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I saw that you are in GA too - nice to find more GA bloggers!
    I think glue sticks are a necessity in first grade! Every time I've gone to Wal-Mart lately I've made myself buy $2-3 worth since they are 25 cents apiece right now.