Thursday, August 8, 2013

The First Week and a Peacemakers freebie

So...I'm almost through it.  The First Week of School.  It's...well...been an interesting week.  I have 30 precious firsties.  Some of them are busy and some of them are chatty.  I always forget how I have to drill and kill MY expectations at the beginning.  For example...I cannot STAND to have anyone tap me on the arm, especially if they are going to TUG my arm and say my name over and over.  Also, the air conditioning went out today along with power for exactly HALF of our school building.  I can't remember that ever happening before!  (We take our air conditioning in Georgia very, very seriously.)

I haven't made anyone cry...yet.  There were no tears on the first day of school, either.  That might be a first.  (Or maybe I'm losing my touch?)

Next week we are going to start easing into "real" instruction...launching workshops, taking some baselines, all that fun stuff.  This week we have gotten an influx of children every day so there has been ZERO baselining going on.  I feel "behind" but I am trying not to let it get to me-I am sure it will work out!

I have a quick freebie to share...we did the fabulous "Peacebreakers vs. Peacemakers" lesson.  That idea wasn't mine-I originally saw it over at The First Grade Parade.  Click over there to see Mrs. Carroll's adorable anchor charts!  I did a spin-off on those today with:

Front Cover

What first grade teacher doesn't love David?!  We read it the other day so today we just used examples from the book to describe a peacebreaker...then we went through and figured out what a peacemaker would do instead.

We're going to do the next part tomorrow...

Click on the picture if you would like your free copy!

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