Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Currently

My poor blog.  I have the best of intentions about updating it but...well...some things just take precedence when you're in grad school.  Once I am all graduated with this M.Ed maybe I can be a big girl blogger!

For now...December Currently is what's up!

1.) Self-explanatory.  Little Miss is still obsessed with Sesame Street and I don't see her Elmo/Abby fixation ending anytime soon.  I can't complain-I find Abby a lot less annoying than, say, Dora.  (Or Daniel Tiger from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood...or Caillou...but I digress.)
2.) We had a great week last week.  I SO enjoyed being on break.  There was a lot of lounging around in pajamas, but also a lot of holiday efficiency-Little Miss' birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year which meant we jam-packed birthday fun right along with Turkey Day festivities.  She got a lot of presents from sweet family, but our favorite at the moment is the Disney Princess Klip-Klop stable.  It is SOO cute...the horses actually move themselves down the ramps of the stable.  Adorbs.
3.) Also self-explanatory.  Tomorrow morning is gonna be ROUGH.  I will need loads of coffee.  And plus also, I am dreading it just a teeny tinsy bit because one of my little pumpkins was suspended the week before break...tomorrow will be his first day back with us and I am not sure how that's going to go.  (It's not been a good year so far, guys.  This class is TOUGH and I'm saying that as the teacher who has had more than her fair share of tough groups.  That's a whole 'nother post, though.)
4.) I am so excited about the TpT Cyber Monday sale...and not just because my shop is on sale (what little there is in it-making stuff for the shop will be high on my priority list once I'm done with grad school, promise) but because I have picked out a whole bunch of stuff that I want.  I may just stay up until midnight and do my shopping then...craziness, right?
5.) Ugh, I don't wanna.  I have a clinical report and a research plan to submit this week...and I've already done one big assignment that's due tomorrow.  Most of the work is done, but I have to synthesize it all and make it sound good...blah.
6.) Christmas Eve is my FAVORITE.  We go to church and there's candelight communion.  Shopping is all finished, the presents are all wrapped, and the excitement is still to come..I love Christmas Eve!  After candelight service we usually come home, put on jammies, and then cook breakfast food for dinner before watching holiday movies and hanging out as a family.  


  1. Good luck with your grad school class. I was lucky enough to be able to take a break from full time teaching and just concentrate on school with some part time work in between when I was getting my MLS. And it's just me so I only had to take care of myself. Teaching AND being a mommy/wife AND student? BRAVO.
    PS I won't stay up til midnight to get it but my cart might have some stuff in there already as well. Easy to get it in the morning!

  2. I found you through Currently. I love that Christmas tradition, being able to go to church and then go home and relax and have fun as a family. Love your Currently
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