Friday, July 12, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday

Linking up today for Favorite Pins Friday!  (Side story: I :heart Mrs. Carroll's The First Grade Parade.  A couple of years ago, it was the very first teacher blog I discovered!)SCHOOL PINS first!
 Reminder Bracelet
This one (from New Management)  is school-related!  How smart-send home reminders on paper bracelets.  In the past I have literally packing-taped notes to students' shirts, but this is a LITTLE classier.  

Crayons will fit in a soap box.  Whaatt?  This is news to me!  I love it, though!  I often have little friends who don't bring school supplies and of course the supply closet is well-stocked (by moi) with extra crayons and glue sticks for them.  This idea alone is Winning, but if you follow through to the post at Miss Squirrel's the color-coded organization will make your heart go pitter-patter.

I just pinned this a few minutes ago...adorable Petes from A day in first grade!  We are Pete-obsessed in my class, so we will definitely be doing this.

ALL my pins aren't school-related...  I made these (skinny!) pizza logs last night from Emily Bites.  They are AMAZING.  I am still working on losing baby weight (hah!  19 months later, that's what I'm calling it!) and these are only 2 WW Points Plus each...yet they taste as yummy as pizza rolls.  I had four of these little puppies and was stuffed, yet that was only 8 points.  Going in the recipe box for sure!
Another recipe...this one is from the Clean Eating diet site.  This pasta was SOOOOO good!  I loved how easy it was to throw together (the worst part was cooking the pasta and the turkey!  Seriously!)  and it made a ton.  We threw the leftovers into the freezer.  That will be a nice treat one evening those first few weeks of school when I am soooo tired and my feet hurt soooo bad!

Not a ton of pins because I haven't been Pinterest-crazy this week...summer classes for grad school are wrapping up, which means I have been stuck in the research-write-research-some-more cycle.  I am such a nerd though because I LOVE it-I am so excited about this degree.  I am getting my M.Ed in Reading, Literacy, and's a 1.5 year program BUT when I'm done I will be certified K-12 in reading!  Yay!  (Right now I'm certified P-5 in Early Childhood.)  The only bad thing about grad school on top of working full time (and a part-time job on the side, and being a mommy) is that I have less time for the fun stuff in life, like Pinterest!  (And sleep, but that's another story...and what the Keurig I got for Mother's Day is for!  Haha!)  Another post will be coming soon about my first-few-days-of-school lesson plans...and hopefully an announcement about my new TpT shop!

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