Saturday, July 11, 2015

back to school shopping (or, "why teachers have no money in the summer")

I feel like summer is flying by. :( I have two weeks left and then it's back to work! It's been a great summer, though. June was a super fun month with lake time, a beach trip, Vacation Bible School, a birthday, and an anniversary! July has been more businesslike...I'm workshopping it up to get an endorsement and next week I am going to St. Louis for the International Literacy Conference (where I'm PRESENTING! Yay!). teacher orientation and bam! time to set up a classroom. (A special note: I am very stressed about my classroom situation this year. I heard from a good source-okay, the principal-that the school is looking pretty gnarly right about now. There is no ceiling. No air. And dust and dirt EVERYWHERE. Yes, I am stressed about this! We are going back to work very soon and kids will be there soon after that and I NEED TO PUT UP MY CUTE NEW THINGS.)

Oh! Cute new things! of my favorite things to do in the summer (besides sleep, and swim, and read, and work on TpT projects, and catch up on TV) is to shop for my classroom. Most people not in the teaching profession (such as my husband) think this lunacy. They are probably right. However, all of the teachers I know are like this, so at least we're crazy together, right? Haha! Now, this year I have show tremendous restraint. TREMENDOUS. Mostly because my classroom is pretty well equipped. Still, I have acquired a few things. Just a few!

First of all, the books. I have a confession to make-these aren't all the books I have purchased this summer. No, not by a long shot. I have a whole TUB of books waiting to go back to school. These are just the books I've acquired RECENTLY. One of our Goodwill stores here has a coffeeshop/bookstore and the children's section is marvelous. Those Dr. Seuss books were .99 apiece. A first grade teacher can never have enough Dr. Seuss books! I never know what I will find when I go in there-but I rarely leave empty-handed!

Next...these baskets. Oh, these baskets. I saw them at Target when we were on vacation and put them in the cart (sometimes I do that when I'm shopping-please tell me I'm not the only one-I say that "it needs to ride around in the cart for a little bit" and then I decide before I check out whether or not I should keep it), then took them out. And then I was in Target today and these were the last four. I had to get them. I am going back to tables this year after having desks last year and I am so excited about it. These will become table caddies for group supplies.

While we're on the topic of are some new book baskets I got at the Dollar Tree. They are actually dish pans, but let's face it-those neon colors were destined for a classroom. I bought 9 and I will probably go back for more. Some of the pretty baskets I bought last year are broken and I think these will hold up nicely. 
These were also acquired in the Dollar Spot at Target. You might be thinking that I spotted them, knew instantly what I was going to use them for, and purchased them with a plan in mind. Nah. I bought enough for the class so I will probably store their Open House treats in them...but I haven't decided yet what I want to do this year! I did glowsticks and Tootsie Pops last year-not sure if I want to go that route this year. I'm still thinking.

Now. Disclaimer about this pocket chart. It was $2.99 at Target...but I have no idea where it came from. It was sitting on an endcap with a bunch of clearanced stuff. I scanned it with my phone and the price was right, but it told me it was "out of stock" at my store. Clearly that wasn't the case. I am going to use it to store important masters and paperwork that I shouldn't have to hunt for. Not sure how I feel about the file folders, but I do love those neon labels! 

And that's it! All that I've purchased SO FAR anyway. I've done pretty well compared to years past! I will also say that I have purged some of my old teaching stuff this summer. A local teacher set up a Buy/Sell/Trade board for local teachers on facebook and I've unloaded some things I wasn't going to use anymore. (And I'm already thinking of a few things at school that I could probably part with for some money.) I think this is great-get rid of things I'm not using, then use that cash to fund new purchases!

What about you?  Have you scored any great finds this summer?

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