Sunday, July 12, 2015

going bananas over GoNoodle...or, "how GoNoodle saved my sanity"

Do YOU GoNoodle?

If you don't, you SHOULD. It's amazing.

GoNoodle is awesome. If you don't know what it is...basically, it's a site of exercise and brain break videos. It's SUPER fun. Here is a link for you to go check it out: GoNoodle!

My kids last year LOVED it. I mean, LOVED it. We did GoNoodle on days when it was too rainy, humid, or HOT to go ouside for recess. (Yes, "too hot" is a valid excuse here. The heat index can climb into the 90s and even the low 100s-not the best climate for little people to be running around.) I set it up on my laptop cart during lunch so that all we had to do when the kids came back from indoor recess was pick our recess playlist! (You can pick individual videos-but the recess playlists are my favorite. You can pick one that fits the time you have for your indoor recess period and it will play several videos in succession.)

But this summer...GoNoodle has been a lifechanger here at HOME. How, you may ask? Well, Little Miss is we She is prety good at entertaining herself for the MOST part. But everyday...around 4:00...she hits a whiny patch. I am positive it stems from the fact that she refuses to nap anymore, which is her own fault really, but yet it makes us BOTH miserable. Nothing suits her-she doesn't want to play with any of her toys, she's bored with everything on Netflix or Amazon Instant Video, and forget about laying down for a minute to rest her eyes. That's a big fat "NOPE." Combine that with the fact that my patience is worn down...and that I am usually about to start cooking dinner...well, it was not a fun time of day.

Until I realized I could pull up GoNoodle through the Internet Explorer browser on our XBox. LIFE CHANGER.

She is obsessed with GoNoodle. Obsessed! I am sure part of the magic is that she ONLY gets to do it at this time of day-but man, oh man. She loves it. Her favorite songs are Pop-See-Ko and Hey, Joe. She also likes to see the little monster avatar transform as she earns more credits. It's amazing and allows me to prepare dinner in peace-I call that a win win!

So if you don't GoNoodle at should! And if you have kids or grandkids or work with kids in any capacity outside of school, you should also GoNoodle. It's amazing!

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